Italian Majolica Ceramic Tiles

Fine Imported Italian Deruta Ceramic Tiles & Quimper French Faience Tiles
Imported From Deruta, Italy & Quimper, France


Our Italian Ceramic tiles are handmade in Deruta, Italy. Choose from a wide variety of Geometrico designs or choose the more traditional Ricco, Raffaellesco and Arabesco designs. More Details...

Professional & Saint Tiles

A unique item is our Italian Mattonella (Ceramic Tiles) featuring Professions & Saints. These Italian ceramic tiles can be used in a decorative surface with other tiles or mounted for decorative purposes. More Details...


The Ancient Italian Ceramic Tile collection features traditional, regional designs from Bologna, The Palio di Siena Contrade and Venezia dating back to the Middle Ages. These tiles are very unique and unusual. More Details...

Quimper French

Quimper Faience Ceramic Tiles feature traditional designs from Brittany, France based on the Breton peasant man and woman, the Breton Coq and Breton floral patterns made popular in the 17th century. More Details...

Indulge your passion for the finer things in life. Merchant of Prato presents beautiful handmade Italian majolica ceramic tiles and exquisite Quimper French faience ceramic tiles.

Our Italian ceramic tiles are created in small workshops in Deruta by artisans using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Quimper Faience, pronounced “kem-pair” has been manufactured in Quimper a town in Brittany, France for over 300 years. Since Roman times, Quimper has produced desirable pottery. The Henriot Faiencerie was founded in 1690 by Jean-Baptiste Bousquet who was given a royal manufacturing license by King Louis XIV. Each Quimper faience tile is completely handmade and painstakingly hand-painted. One artist handpaints each ceramic tile from start to finish. Each piece of Quimper is then initialed by the artists and marked Henriot to ensure its authenticity. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Italian and Quimper French Ceramic Tile catalogue.

Our durable, Italian ceramic tiles from Deruta, Italy and our Ancient Italian tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, counters, baths, tables, walls, fireplaces or any areas you wish to decorate. You can even use them as trivets or just decorative pieces on a stand. Our Quimper French faience tiles can be used for kitchen backsplashes, baths or wall decor. The Quimper tiles are more delicate and not suitable for floors, counters, or tables.